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from seed and bugle beads, silver and gold plated beads, glass and acrylic beads, to Czech crystal beads.



  • Acrylic

    Pretty, lightweight beads. Large holes and easy to thread, these acrylic beads are ideal for children to use.

  • Bicones

    Popular, easy to use bicone beads in a large range of colours. Includes, glass, crystal, gold-plated, silver plated.

  • Bugle

    Fantastic colour range of these very even glass bugle beads.

  • Cathedral

    Glass beads with silver plated detail.

  • Chips

    Long strings of chips of varying shapes and sizes. Glass and Gemstone.

  • Cloisonne

    Well known Cloisonne Enamelled Beads

  • Crackle Glass

    Lovely glass beads with the familiar crackle crazed design. Tubes, bicone and round.

  • Crinkle Glitter

    Crinkle Glitter beads with added sparkle in the coating.

  • Crystal Cone

    Handmade in the Orient from genuine, fully leaded crystal glass, making each bead minutely different and giving your jewellery a unique look.

  • Czech Crystal

    Genuine Czech Crystal beads.

  • Daggers and Spears

    Daggers, Spears and Drops.

  • Desert Sun

    Silver crackled surface makes each bead unique.

  • Duranga

    Handmade ceramic beads.

  • Fancy Metal

    Light-weight and highly detailed.

  • Gemstone

    Including Jade and Golstone.

  • Glass

    All other glass beads not listed seperately.

  • Glass Pearl

    Large range of colours and sizes.

  • High Lustre

    Nuggets, round and oval, high lustre beads.

  • Large Barrel

    Piped swirl design on these large barrel shaped beads.

  • Marbled

    Marbled glass beads in a large range of colours.

  • Millifiori

    Pretty millifiori designs.

  • Montees

    4 hole metal caps with Austrian crystals.

  • Plated

    Large range of gold and silver plated beads.

  • Rhinestone

    Beads with added rhiestones for extra sparkle.

  • Rondelles

    Silver plated spacer beads with rhinestones.

  • Seed

    Large colour range of seed beads.

  • Shell and Nut

    Beads made from natural materials.

  • Swarovski Crystal

    These Swarovski Crystal beads have their own section in the Swarovski catagory.

  • Venetian style

    Also known as 'wedding cake' beads.

  • Wooden

    Natural or patterned, polished wooden beads.

  • Sliders

    Acrylic sliders and glass crystal sliders.